When you band together with Complete Taxation Services, you access a group of experienced bookkeepers, business guides and money related masters with the ability to enable you to better deal with the operation of your business or investment activities. To simplify and improve your bookkeeping, maximise your business returns, so as to grow your overall wealth.

Business Tax & Advisory

Improve your business organization and bookkeeping, retain a greater share of your hard earned profit, while taking your business to the next level, with master guidance.

Tax Planning

Good tax planning and being aware of all the requirements is vital to ensure you maximise your tax deductions and make the best use of your tax dollars, which will increment your net wealth.

Self-Managed Super

Take control of your super, unlock a world of investment opportunities while accessing powerful investment opportunities.

Trusts & Asset Protection

Assemble a firewall between your business and your individual assets. Your assets have cost you a lot of money, they need to be adequately protected.

Tax Returns

Get your profits arranged by a sanctioned bookkeeper who comprehends the intricate details of your industry.

Strategic Financial Advice

Talk to one of our professional advisors to tailor a plan to achieve your dreams. All our advisors are fully licenced and accredited with many years experience.

Property Investment

We have years of experience dealing with both Positively and Negatively geared investment properties. Be sure to talk to us about which type is the most suitable for you. We want you to develop your property portfolio with negligible hazard or cost.

Home & Investment Lending

Structure your home and investment expenditure to maximise your claims. Execute systems that expand your tax deductions, while saving you a huge number of dollars.


Heather George

I have known Mark Bradshaw since 2007. He has been our Tax Accountant.
He is always accurate and honest and produces good results. I can highly
recommend him as a tax advisor/consultant.

David & Rhondda Lawrie

Mark Bradshaw has been our accountant for the last 13years.
Good help and expert advise is what we always receive.

Margaret Lingard

Mark has been completing our tax returns for our farming business for the past twelve years,
and we are indeed happy with his dedication and his helpful and cheerful response to all my

J C Willett

Since July 1985 my wife and I have made use of Complete Taxation Services for all of our taxation returns and advice needed. We had previously tried other well named taxation specialists but none have equaled the service and advice provided by Complete Taxation Services. No taxation requirement/advice from us was too small to be addressed and fees are well priced. We have no hesitation in recommending Complete Taxation Services.



  • Your ID and Tax File Number
  • Bank details for refund
  • Payment Summaries (PAYG, Termination)
  • Details of spouse taxable income
  • Annual bank statement showing interest earned
  • Annual statement for investment properties
  • Dividend statements
  • Annual share trading reports in PDF and CSV
  • Annual statements from managed investment funds
  • Details of foreign income earned
  • Annual private health insurance statement
  • Last year’s tax return


  • Details of Income Protection Insurance, Sickness and Accident Insurance
  • Expense statements/receipts for investment property, depreciation report, mortgage bank statement
  • Evidence of donations to charities
  • Annual statement from Investment, Trust or Managed Fund
  • Accountant Fees Invoice for previous year’s tax return
  • Log book and expense receipts for vehicle used for work purposes
  • Receipts for work-related travel expenses
  • Receipts for tools, equipment and uniform
  • Self Education related expenses

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